(A)LOFT MODULATION begins this week

A fledgling New York theatre company. A new play. A house jazz band every night.

I am playing a supporting role in The American Vicarious’ ambitious production of (A)LOFT MODULATION, written by Jaymes Jorsling and directed by Christopher McElroen.

The project is inspired by true events at 821 6th Ave between 1957 – 1965, inside a decaying five-floor walk-up in Manhattan’s flower district that’s become both a jazz lab and a shelter for an array of fringe-livers.

Previews begin on September 26th. Opens on October 3rd. Tickets here!

This is my first off-broadway play! Lots of gratitude for this one.

Plenty Near release

At the tail end of last year, my good friend Joey and I arranged five songs that I had written in 2011. These songs have become a bit of a monkey on my back, and for a long time I've wanted to capture them in some way and share them. We decided to record them in live sessions in a borrowed room with a single mic.

Hear the music and/or read more:


We have loose ambitions to play this song cycle live at some point - otherwise, I'm not sure what is next.

Thank you for your open ears!


BIRDY with Commonwealth Shakespeare Company

Playwright Naomi Wallace has revisited a play from her body of work and collaborated with Commonwealth Shakespeare Company in Boston to stage the new iteration.

BIRDY is about two young men - remarkably different people and also remarkably close friends. They experience firsthand the horror of World War II, and attempt a recovery by means of repairing their shattered friendship.

It is an honor to work so closely with Naomi’s writing; she is brilliant. She is the author of such works as IN THE HEART OF AMERICA, ONE FLEA SPARE, andTHE LIQUID PLAIN, and recipient of such awards as the Susan Smith Blackburn Prize (twice), Obie Award, and MacArthur Fellowship.

Commonwealth Shakes and director Steven Maler have been fruitful, generous collaborators in this process. I am inspired everyday. Rehearsals are well!

Previews February 27 & 28. Opens March 1st.

Back Row: Spencer Hamp (Young Birdy), Maxim Chumov (Young Al), Will Taylor (Birdy), Keith White (Sgt. Al)  Front Row: Steven Maler (Director), Namoi Wallace (Playwright)

Back Row: Spencer Hamp (Young Birdy), Maxim Chumov (Young Al), Will Taylor (Birdy), Keith White (Sgt. Al)

Front Row: Steven Maler (Director), Namoi Wallace (Playwright)

Streaming on Amazon Prime: DEAD BODY


Two years ago, DEAD BODY (written and produced by friends Ian Bell and Ramon Isao and directed by longtime friend Bobbin Ramsey) played the horror festival circuit. It found distribution with Terror Films. 

It will be available for streaming October 17th on Amazon!

EQUUS in Pittsburgh


For the past few months, I've been rehearsing the role of Alan Strang in Peter Schaffer's masterwork EQUUS. A remarkable modern play. What is normal, and why, and who gets to decide what to do with those people who deviate? Potent.

The folks at Pittsburgh Public Theatre are incredibly generous hosts to the herd of artists, crew, and craftspeople immersed in work this play demands. Directed by Ted Pappas in his final season as Artistic Director of this theater. On a gorgeous thrust stage.

The play begins previews on September 28th and opens on October 6th. 


The Seagull Project in American Theatre Magazine

I'm playing a little catchup on this one! 

Carol Rocamora - renowned Chekhov scholar, teacher, and playwright - wrote a piece for American Theatre Magazine about the The Seagull Project. TSP is a group of Chekhov-devotees in Seattle, who have pledged to dedicate years of training to each of Chekhov's major works. I was lucky enough to be a young member of this premier ensemble for 2+ years and performed in their productions of THE THREE SISTERS and THE CHERRY ORCHARD.